Chimenea Rock Mineral Wool for fireplaces

Chimenea Rock Mineral Wool for fireplaces

Rock mineral wool slabs with alu foil for fireplaces


Product description

Rock mineral wool slabs, incombustible, with thermal and acoustic insulation, not affected by the environment, with stable dimensions and unaffected over time, coated on one side with aluminum.

Panel Chimenea S is certified to comply with standard EN 13162 as well as with the EUCEB certificate which ensures that the product is biosoluble and not dangerous for health in accordance with European Directive 97\69\EC.


Application area

Thermal insulation and protection from fire in fireplaces.

Suitable for high energy fireplaces during its use.


Dimensions packaging and thermal resistance

Packaging: Paper cartons on pallet

Chimemena S for fireplaces  
Lenght (mm) 1.000
Width (mm) 600
Thickness (mm) 30
Slabs per package 12
m2 per package 7,2
Packages per pallet 14
m2 per pallet 100,80
Thermal resistance (m2 K/W) 0,85



Technical characteristics


Characteristic Symbol Specifications Units Standard
Product MW according to European Norm - EN 13162
Thermal conductivity λD 0.035 W/m-K EN 12667
Reaction to fire - Euroclass A1 - incombustible - EN 13501-1
Max temperature of operation t 650 (in continuous use) °C -
Melting point of fibers t >1000 °C DIN 4102-17
Dimensional stability DS (TH)  1 % 1604
Short term water absorption Wp  1 kg/m2 EN 1609
Long term water absorption Wlp  3 kg/m2 EN 12087
Water vapor diffusion coefficient µ ~1 - EN 12086