Floor insulation

Μόνωση δαπέδων

On a mezzanine structure, the floor must be designed and constructed in such a manner that during the exploitation of the building, together with the supporting structure, it may permanently provide the following:

  • Stability, flatness of the surface and safety – the loads provided for by the design must be transmitted by the floor to the supporting structure without any damage or permanent deformation
  • Acoustic protection – in accordance with Standard SRPS U.J6.20 1, a ceiling between two flats should fulfill the requirement for the minimum value of acoustic insulation power Rw of 52dB and the maximum value of impact sound level Lw of 68dB
  • Thermal protection – in accordance with the technical conditions for thermal protection of buildings, as per Standard SRPS U.J5.600
  • Fire prevention – as prescribed by the regulations of fire prevention; in case of fire, or during decomposition of floors, materials incorporated in the floors must not release toxic gasses that may increase the danger and make the rescuing of people more difficult.