LDS - Homeseal LDS 0.02

Homeseal LDS 0.02


Homeseal LDS 0.02 is a triple layer water insulation membrane.

It is produced by heat-pressing the polypropylene unwoven fabric with diffuse film. The membrane is entirely recyclable. 

Homeseal LDS 0.02 can be used as contact or no-contact vapour permeable under-roofing membrane in pitched roof structures with no wooden foundation. The structure of the membrane ensures very good waterproof conditions.

Extreme vapour permeability ensures good ventilation and keeps the roof structure dry in all weather conditions.

Homeseal LDS 0.02 enables the diffusion of vapour from the structure and at the same time protects the structure from rain and snow. 

Homeseal LDS 0.02 does not decay, it is mould and pest resistant and is not harmful for health. It may be used in vertical wall structures as wind protection.

It creates an enclosed system for thermal insulation which is protected from rain, snow, moist and dust.

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DoP - Homeseal LDS 0.02
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September 2019


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