LDS - Homeseal LDS 0.04

Homeseal LDS 0.04


Homeseal LDS 0.04 contains of two layers of pressed polypropylene fabrics and micropermeable layer between the fabrics which makes the vapour permeable waterproof foil. 

Entirely recyclable.

The upper surface of the foil is grey and the lower surface is white. Other customized alternatives are made upon request.

Special design of Homeseal LDS 0.04 foil provides exceptional resistance to rain water. Exceptionally high vapour permeability of water vapour keeps the roof structure dry and aired under all weather conditions.

Homeseal LDS 0.04 is a very worthy foil when used unfixed or fixed diffuse foundation in the structure of a pitched roofs. 

Materials for the production of  Homeseal LDS 0.04 is such that makes this foil convenient for covering wooden roof structures, and its awesome stretching features prevent easy tearing and reduce the risk of damaging from treading during application.

No air layer is necessary between the Homeseal LDS 0.04 and the thermal insulation or timber sarking foundation. Homeseal LDS 0.04 does not decay; it is mould and pest resistant.

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DoP - Homeseal LDS 0.04
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September 2019


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