LDS - Homeseal LDS 5 Silk

Homeseal LDS 5 Silk


Homeseal LDS 5 Silk functions as a layer for control of water vapour under the thermal insulation. Its partial vapour permeability (Sd=5m) enables controlled water vapour passage through the structure. Only a small amount of vapour may pass through Homeseal LDS 5 Silk.

Homeseal LDS 5 Silk may be applied in structures of pitched roofs, attics, in vertical wall structures, as well as in insulated ceilings.

By using Homeseal LDS 5 Silk underneath the thermal insulation in combination with vapour permeable waterproof foil on the outside, spontaneous occurrence of vapour, condensation inside the thermal insulation is prevented; therefore the function of thermal insulation is preserved. Homeseal LDS 5 Silk provides comfortable living.

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Thickness Length Width Pieces per pack Area per piece
40 1 600 15 0.60
100 1.2 1 1.20
240 1 600 2 0.60


Datasheet - Homeseal LDS 5 Silk
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November 2018


DoP - Homeseal LDS 5 Silk
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September 2019


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