LDS - Homeseal LDS Solifit

Homeseal LDS Solifit


For outdoor use

Single sided adhesive tape enables good adherence to Homeseal LDS foils, as well as to wood, brick, clean concrete surfaces and OSB panels.

Adhesive tapes can mainly be used for bonding, sealing and bonding all types of vertical structure elements with foils. Can be also used for fixing minor damages or holes on Homeseal LDS foils Extremely moisture resistant.

Diffusely open and resistant to UV light for a period of 4 months, even under  direct exposure to solar radiation.

For indoor use

For hermetical adhesion / bonding of all Homeseal LDS foils, For bonding all overlaps and sealing all penetrations..


The surface must be dry and free from any agent release, such as grease, oil, dirt and dust.

Homeseal LDS Solifit tape must not be used for taping under mechanical weight.

Must be joined with as less stretching as possible, applying even pressure over the entire surface, at a working temperature which amounts to min 5°C.

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