Wood Wool - Tektalan A2-HS

Tektalan A2-HS


Non combustible composite board made from Nobasil mineral wool core and two-sided wood wool facing with cement binder according to EN 13168.

Application area

Non combustible (A2 class according to EN 13501-1) insulation board for posterior fixing at ceilings and walls of underground parking places in small, medium and large garages (according to the local regulations), at slabs of cellars and in industrial and commercial buildings.

Special versions:

  • Incorporated vapour membrane
  • For visible application

Technical properties

  • High fire resistance – A2-s1, d0 – increases the fire safety of buildings
  • Excellent heat accumulation
  • Very good acoustic properties
  • Low vapour resistance
  • Excellent construction-biological properties
  • Resistant to microorganisms and rodents
  • Chemically neutral – no reaction with the surrounding materials
  • No mass and dimensional changes in case of temperature differences
  • Easy cutting to the requested size and shape
  • Very high resistance to mechanical stresses

Installation and system conditions

  • The installation of WW products (Heraklith homogeneous boards, Heratekta and Tektalan composite boards) must be carried out under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Only install panels in rooms, where the following conditions are ensured: for heated or air-conditioned rooms, the maximum relative air humidity must be between 40% and 75%, the temperature must not be below +7°C or above +30°C.
  • If WW products are to be installed in rooms with central heating, or in rooms with conditions significantly different from normal conditions we recommend acclimatising the boards for at least 48 hours days in a room with the same climatic conditions.
  • WW products can be also installed on concrete (a) with steel dowels for posterior anchorage, or (b) as concrete form, with steel fixings or screws which are applied before pouring the concrete.


Renovation or new buildingNew building, Renovation
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Thermal conductivityEN 13162λMW 0,037 / WW - 0,090 W/m.K


Datasheet - Tektalan-HS
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November 2018


DoP - Tektalan-HS
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September 2019


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